Antoine Dodson Challenges Justin Bieber to Boxing Match: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Hide the Biebs!

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You may remember Antoine Dodson as the star of the famous viral video in which he encourages viewers to hide their wives and kids, because - in his words - "they're raping everybody out here!"

That was way back in 2010, and a lot's changed for Dodson in the years since. For one thing, he got married and had a kid, after declaring that he's "no longer into homosexuality" last year.

Additionally, Antoine is apparently training to become a boxer, and he knows just who he wants to square off against in his debut fight:

Yes, we all know there are plenty of reasons to punch Justin Bieber, but while the rest of us just dream of knocking the Biebs back to Canada, Dodson is actually issuing a public challenge!

Even though Bieber's been training with Floyd Mayweather, it seems unlikely that he'll take Antoine up on his offer to step into the ring. 

Anyone who's seen the famous Orlando Bloom-Bieber fight video knows that Justin responds to physical confrontations by curling up into a ball and waiting for his bodyguards to intervene.

There's a reason you don't see many boxers taking that approach.

Then again, the only thing bigger than Bieber's bank account is his ego, so maybe he will put his money where his mouth is and fight Dodson. Then, hopefully, Antoine will put his fist where Bieber's mouth is. Run and tell that, homeboy!

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