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Who says the news can’t be fun?

Not Dan Thorn, that’s for sure.

The CBS 59 anchor, who joined his team in February of last year, has grown into a viral sensation due to his abundance of dance moves, which he’ll break out behind the desk prior to his program going live on air.

The Internet has fallen in love with Thorn. Co-anchor Sarah Pisciuneri? Not so much…

Anchor Shakes It Off, Gets Ignored by Fellow Anchor

You can see her annoyed reaction to Thorn making like Taylor Swift in the above video, but this isn’t the only time Thorn has tried to make his colleague move and/or groove.


In a series of YouTube videos, he also dances to T.I.’s “Where They At Doe” and James Brown’s “I Got the Feeling,” Pisciuneri doing her best to ignore her awesome co-worker.

See what we mean once again in this footage:

Despite her cold on-camera persona, however, Pisciuneri seems to think the videos are humorous, tweeting on November 4:

“Looks like I have an interesting social experiment on my hands, muhahaha #partylikeajournalist."

We agree. Now DANCE, woman. DANCE!