32 Hilariously Awesome Moments in News

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The news isn't always so serious. Thank goodness, right?

Relive some of the most memorable blunders now.

1. Jim Cantore Knees College Kid on Camera

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, reporting live from the site of crazy weather as he always does, beats back a college kid's attempt to video bomb him.

2. A.J. Clemente Curses on Air

This was quite the start to the anchoring career of A.J. Clemente. Watch him curse on air in this clip.

3. TV Reporter Quits to Run 'Cannabis Club'

Charlo Greene stepped down from her job as an on-air reporter in epic fashion. Greene quit in order to fight for legalized marijuana in Alaska.

4. Shirtless Man Asks Out Reporter

A man without a shirt on has no concerns in this interview. Except whether or not a reporter will go on a date with him.


6. Reporter Curses on Air

An anchor at KSN in Kansas signs off in this video. He is then heard saying he wants to get the "f-ck" out of there.

7. Lindsay Nadrich News Report: F Bomb Alert!

Lindsay Nadrich curses twice during this segment for a local Fox affiliate in Spokane. It's pretty awesome.

8. News Broadcast Accidentally Shows Penis Pic

Most epic news blunder of all-time? While discussing a helicopter crash, this broadcast accidentally shows a photo of a penis.

9. Anchors Resign On The Air

Bangor, Maine TV news anchors Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio resigned live on air last night, stunning their viewers and managers alike.

10. Dog Bites News Anchor

This dog bit a news anchor in the face on live TV. It's scary, but the clip has gone viral in recent days.

11. Los Angeles News Report: RAIN!!!!!!!

It's raining in Los Angeles. And this reporter is simply in shock over this unusual event.

12. Anchor Rips Into Viewers For Storm Coverage Complaints

Watch anchor Nancy Naeve just tear into viewers for complaining about storm coverage.

13. Will Ferrell Anchors Local News as Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy, portrayed by Will Ferrell, anchored the KXMB evening newscast in Minot, North Dakota on Saturday, November 30.

14. News Team Hangs Up on Oprah

Well, this is embarrassing. The WGN news team accidentally hangs up on Oprah Winfrey in this segment.

15. MSNBC Anchor Cuts Off Guest, Switches to Justin Bieber Coverage

Who says what a former Congresswoman has to say when Justin Bieber is getting arrested? Isn't that right, MSNBC?

16. CNN Anchor Goes Nuts

A CNN anchor is apparently having a tough time with the word "peanuts."

17. Anchor Clashes with Meteorologist

In these clips, it sure appears as if one news anchor has a beef with her meteorologist. See what we mean now!

18. News Anchor Dances During Commercial

A news anchor was busted dancing during a commercial break, not realizing she was live. Awesome work!

19. News Anchor Says NBA Game Ends in Tie

This news anchor in Maine is probably rather embarrassed right now after reporting that Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals ended in a tie.

20. Jean Price Carjacking Josh Taylor

Jean Price, a Florida woman, carjacks reporter Josh Taylor while his camera is recording this entire thing. Pretty great.

21. Los Angeles Newscasters React to Cold

It's so cold in Los Angeles! And local reporters aren't sure how to handle this crazy weather.

22. Samuel L. Jackson BLASTS Moronic Reporter

Samuel L. Jackson goes off on a reporter in this interview, and for good reason: he thinks the actor is Laurence Fishburne!

23. Monkey Wallops Morning Show Host

Watch this video to see a monkey slap a morning show host. What else do you even need to know?

24. Man to Reporter: You're So Effin Hot!

A man in this video tells a reporter that she's very, very hot. We mean... she is. But, come on, this is live television!

25. Erykah Badu Tries to Kiss Reporter

This was unexpected. Watch as singer Erykah Badu tries to kiss a reporter in New York during his live report.

26. Live News Report Features Exposed, Dangling Penis

WARNING: A man's penis is featured in this clip from Australia. This is how some rugby fans celebrate Down Under.

27. Dog Attacks Weatherman on Live TV

This weatherman is trying to do his news segment while holding on to the leash of a dog. It proves to be a very bad idea.

28. Reporter Slams Anchor as Fat... on Air!

What happens when a reporter doesn't realize her microphone is on and she refers to an anchor as fat? Watch this video to find out!

29. Anchor Shakes It Off, Gets Ignored by Fellow Anchor

News anchor Dan Thorn is shaking it off in this hilarious video. Much to the apparent irritation of his colleague.

30. Meteorologist Finds Hanger in His Suit

Hey, sometimes you forget that there's a hanger in your suit. Or at least this Meteorologist forgets it.

31. Reporter Freaks the Eff Out Over Bug on Live TV

This reporter may never be able to live this incident down. Watch him totally freak out over a bug... on live television!

32. Shirtless Jogger Interrupts News Report, Becomes Internet Sensation

Say hello to the latest Internet sensation. He's a shirtless runner who interrupted a live news report in Chicago.

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