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South Park brought the funny and also the profound, in a way, on South Park Season 18 Episode 3.

We started with Cartman putting a pink bow on his head telling the principal that he’s a “trans-ginger.” See, he’s really a girl, though he “lives a life of torture and confusion because society sees him as a boy.”

When he makes girls feel uncomfortable in their own bathroom, Principal Victoria has no choice but to clear out the janitor’s closet and gives Cartman his own bathroom.

He proceeds to deck it out with string lights, lace, and a Clapper, totally going Fifty Shades of Grey up on in it.

Watch South Park Season 18 Episode 3 Online
Watch South Park Season 18 Episode 3 Online

The following day, Wendy arrives at school dressed in a jean vest, hair cut short and her name changed to "Wendell."

Principal Victoria tells Cartman (now going by “Erica") that he must share the bathroom with Wendell. You can imagine his reaction to this news, can’t you?


Stan then goes to Randy with a deep question: Is it possible for someone to be one way on the outside but totally different on the inside?

His response: “I am Lorde.” Wait… what?!?

Randy explains that it started awhile back when he wanted gain access to the women’s bathroom at work. While inside, he started singing and writing.

One thing (such as autotune) led to another (such as drum loops) and his voice and music were transformed into the music audiences now hear on The Hunger Games soundtracks.

Can’t say we saw that storyline coming.

Stan is now confused and wants to use Cartman’s bathroom, too, while co-workers at his office tell Randy to use an “executive bathroom.” This leaves him confounded about his identity once again.

Cue E! News, which announces that Lorde hasn’t been heard from in days. However, Sharon gives him/her/it a pep talk:

“If I could talk to Lorde … I’d tell her not to let people change who she is. If people are making fun of her, it’s probably because they’ve lost touch with being human.”

This works, as inspirational music is followed by new a “Lorde” single, which the record executives and the children listen to. Randy is Lorde yet again, and all is right in the world of pop. If that makes any sense at all.

We end with Principal Victoria telling the kids to just use whatever bathroom in which they feel most comfortable. So Stan goes into the “cis-ies” bathroom, singing.

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