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On Wednesday night’s Survivor Season 29 Episode 3, the first shocker of the young season came in the form of an elimination no one saw coming.

If you haven’t seen the events unfold yet, turn back now …

Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 3 Online
Watch Survivor Season 29 Episode 3 Online

Still smarting over their loved ones being the first two players voted out this fall, Jeremy and Natalie sought revenge on Survivor Season 29 Episode 3.

The target of their vengeance: John Rocker.

Rocker is a former Major League Baseball star known as much – probably more – for his comments on race and homosexuality than for his athletic abilities.

As such, the angle was clear: Expose him.

After Hunahpu captured its third consecutive immunity challenge, Rocker’s infamous identity and history were revealed and all hell broke loose.


Natalie informed the Coyopa tribe members that they were, in no uncertain terms, following a racist … oh, and the guy sucks at all these challenges to boot.

At one point, she even addressed Rocker directly, asking “Why don’t you say something homophobic or racist like in your past?” So very clever.

So effective, though. Rocker’s response was what you might have expected, given the bear she was poking: “if you were a man I would knock your teeth out.”

Wow. He also suggested they throw down, later. He won’t get the chance. Already second guessing John in many cases, Josh turned on him hardcore.

Between premature alliances and getting stuck with people who, well, don’t really care for other races or gays, there’s not a lot that John has going for him.

At the next Tribal Council, John Rocker was voted out … with a hidden immunity idol in his pocket. Now that’s the kind of drama you only hope to see!

We didn’t do it justice here of course. Follow the link to watch Survivor online and see it play out for yourself, along with past weeks, from start to finish!