Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: Evel Dick and the Human Lie Detector

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On last night's Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5, we got to see how the rest of the cast reacted to the reveal of Evel Dick Donato's HIV positive diagnosis.

Having told this secretly to Dr. Jenn last week, the Big Brother great struggled with whether to also tell the others on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jenn enlisted the services of interrogation and body language expert Janine Driver to figure out who was there for the right reasons.

If that sounds like a plot from The Bachelorette, it's not far off. Remember on Andi Dorfman's season, how the guys had to take a polygraph test as well?

Driver, the human lie detector, made this uncomfortable for sure. But nothing like when Stephanie and Evel Dick agreed that he had to come clean.

In a group session, he shared his secret about having HIV with the group, and everyone was pretty shaken up, perhaps most notably Juan Pablo Galavis.

If you watch Couples Therapy online, this week's episode is worth it for that scene. We wish Dick nothing but the best as he keeps on fighting the disease.

As for Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell, Janine Driver TAKES IT to him and asks if he loves Nikki. After trying to weasel his way out of it, at last he says NO.

He said he is falling in love with her, though, in a partial save ... a lot better than "I like you a lot," but still not enough to impress Nikki, we're guessing.

Juan Pablo also continues to use his "culture" as an excuse for pretty much everything, which starts to wear thin around the 40th time that card is played.

While we've written off Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell long ago and didn't expect them to last this long, it's hard to see where they go from here.

Cicely, while this is going on, used Janine to tell if Treach was telling the truth about being faithful to her. This plot line is just getting played to death.

Janine believed that he was telling the truth about being faithful to Cicely, however, but she still wasn't buying it. Not sure where they go from there then.

Sleeping on the couch it is for Treach. Better get used to that, or just move out. As for Jenna Jameson and John Wood, they missed the group sesh.

How they were able to skip that while appearing on a show that mandates participation in such ridiculousness, we're not entirely sure, but so be it.

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