Lindsay Lohan Loves Brazilian Politics, Cocaine

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As you may have heard, Lindsay Lohan occasionally enjoys stepping out on the town. You know - dining with friends, patronizing the local theater, rippin' huge rails of blow...the usual.

Yes, Lohan loves cocaine the way Taylor Swift loves cats, so it should come as no surprise that Lindsay has actually taken to endorsing political candidates who are best known for smuggling tons - literally tons - of cocaine.

"I support @aecioNeves for presidential candidature," Lindsay tweeted yesterday. "His platform brings positive changes in Brazil."

There are so many funny things about this tweet, we literally don't know where to begin.

For starters, there's the fact that Lindsay obviously didn't write it herself, because she used the word "candidature," and she probably couldn't find Brazil on a map of Brazil. Then there's the guy she endorsed:

Aecio Neves is reportedly a friend of one of Lindsay's "contacts" in Brazil. He's also been connected to one of the largest drug smuggling operations in the world.

A helicopter owned by Neves was recently seized while transporting 4.5 tons of cocaine. But we're sure Lindsay just likes his plan to cut government spending, or something.

In other hilarious Lohan-related news, following the death of Oscar De La Renta on Monday, Lindsay tried and failed to pay tribute to the late fashion legend by posting photos of herself in what she believed to be dresses designed by De La Renta. They weren't.

But don't let that worry you people of Brazil. This woman who routinely effs up her own Instagram account is like totally qualified to tell you who should be running your country.

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