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The Flash is about to take a serious chill.

Following a villain who turned himself into a dangerous gas on The Flash Season 1 Episode 3, this CW sensation will introduce viewers to Captain Cold on next Tuesday’s installment.

Portrayed by former Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, this Big Bad will be the leader of a dangerous group of criminals.

The Flash Season 1 Episode 4 Promo

Elsewhere on the installment, Dr. Wells will grow furious when he learns that Cisco has built a new weapon without telling anyone… and now it’s gone missing.

Meanwhile, Iris will receive the silent treatment from her father due to her relationship with Eddie and, oh, yeah FELICITY SMOAK will guest star! Yes!


The Flash was granted a full season order by The CW yesterday and becoming the network’s most-watched premiere in history a few weeks ago.

The series continues to rate very highly each week, while most critics have pointed to The Flash as the best new series on television.

Have you been tuning in? If not, we can at least help you catch up.

Go ahead and watch The Flash online right here and now in preparation for next Tuesday’s major episode:

Watch The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 Online
Watch The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 Online