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Ebola has come to the United States.

Over the past several weeks, the disease has infected its first patients in America, with a nurse named Nina Pham recently contracting it it after treating another victim.

But even though it’s deadly, and even though it’s very recently taken lives close to come, Ebola is very much in the news. And that means it’s ripe for Halloween!

Ebola Halloween Costume: Actually for Sale!

Yes, multiple costume shops are selling Ebola Hazmat Suits for October 31.

Jonathan Weeks – chief executive of BrandsOnSale, which is selling an Ebola containment suit costume for $79.99 – tells the Associated Press that he doesn’t want to "stray away from anything that’s current or controversial" when offering options to his patrons.


(Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, is reportedly terrified of Ebola and has ordered Hazmat suits for her entire family, unrelated to Halloween.)

It’s not unusual, of course, for articles of clothing to elicit controversy. To wit:

But we now must ask: What do you think Ebola-inspired Halloween costumes?