Kim Kardashian: TERRIFIED of Ebola; Purchasing Hazmat Suits For the Whole Family!

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It may seem like the only thing Kim Kardashian fears is that someday she'll leave the house and there won't be a swarm of paparazzi to follow her every move. 

But according to one report, there's been something else keeping Kim up at night recently. And no, we're not talking about Kanye asking her opinion about his new leather sweatpants (although it might be that, too).

Believe it or not, it's something far more insidious than an insecure Yeezy. Yes, sources close to the reality star say that Kim is terrified of Ebola!

Kim Kardashian HazMat Suit

"She's really worried about traveling and all the flying she and Kanye do with their daughter," says one insider. "She's become terrified about it and wants these special suits to protect them."

In fairness, the Wests do an awful lot of dangerous globe-trotting.

Just last week, Kim and Kanye took North to Paris Fashion Week. And while there have been no reported cases of Ebola amongst French models, little Nori could've easily picked up a smoking habit or caught a nasty case of b-tch-face!

Anyway, Kim is said to be so frightened that she's looked into purchasing special protective gear for herself and her family.

"She's become paranoid about it and wants these special suits to protect the just in case," says the source. "She's had her assistant calling about where to get them and get them quickly."

Yes, Kim has reportedly reached out to Lakeland Industries, the company that produces most of the yellow HazMat suits you seen in films like Outbreak and Contagion.

Wait, does that mean Kanye's crystal masks don't filter out airborne pathogens. Then why does he wear them, just to be a douche?

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