21 Controversial Articles of Clothing

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You'd be shocked at how controversial articles of clothing can be.

Just consider the following examples...

1. Teens Do It Better

Teens Do It Better
In 2011, American Apparel drew criticism for its "Teenagers Do It Better" shirt for its suggestive slogan. Get ready for more American Apparel to come.

2. Eat Less Shirt

Eat Less Shirt
Yup, it's Urban Outfitters again. The company stopped selling this "Eat Less" shirt in January 2014 after a lot of uproar and outrage. Way to mock eating disorders, Urban!

3. Yoga Pants and/or Leggings

Yoga Pants and/or Leggings
Yoga pants during yoga? Obviously appropriate? Leggings under a long sweater or jacket? Ditto. But they've become a near-constant substitute for regular pants for many women going about their daily lives, which has resulted in much debate.

4. American Apparel Vagina Shirt

American Apparel Vagina Shirt
This shirt from American Apparel featured a bloody vagina. We wonder why people objected to it.

5. Vintage Kent State Shirt

Vintage Kent State Shirt
Urban Outfitters actually put a shirt for sale that it called "vintage" and which recalled a massacre at Kent State in 1970.

6. Zara Nazi Shirt

Zara Nazi Shirt
Zara quickly yanked this children's shirt off its shelves after complaints that the stripes and six-pronged star made it look like uniforms worn by inmates in Nazi Germany.

7. Zara Swastika Bag

Zara Swastika Bag
And now it's Zara again! The company eventually pulled this handbag because, you know, it had swastikas embroidered on it in 2007.

8. Taunting Fat Shirt

Taunting Fat Shirt
Phew. Abercrombie no longer makes this shirt. It asks the rude question: "Do I make you look fat?"

9. Sexist Batman Shirts

Sexist Batman Shirts
Walmart and Amazon are under fire for these shirts. Do you find it sexist to encourage women to be Batman's wife?

10. Kurt Cobain Suicide Note Shirts

Kurt Cobain Suicide Note Shirts
These shirts actually exist. They are designed with the Kurt Cobain suicide note, which some folks see as a fashion statement somehow.

11. The Dress

The Dress
Is it blue and black? White and gold? The Internet could not answer this question. Fortunately, the model who wore it eventually did (the former).

12. Taylor Swift Boyfriend Shirt

Taylor Swift Boyfriend Shirt
Hey, lay off Taylor Swift! This shirt takes her busy dating life to task.

13. Wow

That is just the worst.

14. Anything Worn By Kylie Jenner

Anything Worn By Kylie Jenner
Otherwise run-of-the-mill clothes are routinely the subject of controversy when donned by Kylie Jenner. We have no idea why.

15. Hang Loose Shirt

Hang Loose Shirt
TJ Maxx pulled this shirt from its shelves after complaints poured forward on Twitter. Need we explain why?

16. PacSun American Flag Shirt

PacSun American Flag Shirt
PacSun came out and apologized for this shirt. Many were offended by the upside-down American Flag featured on it.

17. Target OCD Sweater

Target OCD Sweater
Target is under fire for this sweater. Do you agree with critics who think it belittles mental illness?

18. Old Navy Artists Shirt

Old Navy Artists Shirt
This Old Navy shirt is not going over well with many people. They wonder why the company is so down on the role of artists in the world.

19. JC Penney Period Skirt

JC Penney Period Skirt
JC Penney has come out with a skirt that is decorated by a flower. But doesn't this sort of look like period blood?

20. Grab America By the Pussy

Grab America By the Pussy
Yes, this is an actual shirt on sale at Spencer's Gifts. Must we really explain why it's so offensive?

21. WHAT Color is the Wig?!?

WHAT Color is the Wig?!?
In this case, the wig was not offensive. But that description?!? Click on the headline above for more.

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