Chrissy Teigen: I HATE Ariana Grande!

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Chrissy Teigen's awesomeness is indisputable, whereas Ariana Grande's has been called into question a lot recently.

In the past few weeks, Ariana's been accused of diva behavior that would make Mariah Carey cringe (including wishing allegedly wishing death on her own fans).

Meanwhile, Chrissy puts her huge boobs on display and says hilarious things on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen at MTV Movie Awards
Ariana Grande Flips Her Hair

Even so, Chrissy may have gone a smidge too far in her assessment of Ariana's Saturday Night Live performance, and now she's paying the price by being battered with online hate from pissed off Arianators:

"I love your cat ear headband," Chrissy tweeted in reference to Ari's questionable choice in stage attire. "It alerts me to immediately hate you."

Zing! Now, granted, "hate" is a strong word, but Chrissy's biggest mistake may have been judging Ari by her Regina George-esque early Halloween costume, when Ms. Grande's behavior provides so many more valid reasons to dislike her.

Ariana has yet to respond to the diss herself, but her fans went off on Mrs. legend, leading Chrissy to respond:

"Only a few years of my life have been f--ked up by social media I cannot IMAGINE those younger than me."

It seems pretty clear that Chrissy was joking, but as we learned from the One Direction-Daily Show debacle, young pop fans don't have much a sense of humor when it comes to their favorite artists. 

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