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What do One Direction fans have in common with Tea Party Republicans? They’re both easily outraged and they both really don’t dig on Jon Stewart.

Yes, for the third time this week 1D devotees are royally pissed.

First they were incensed when Liam Payne made a possibly homophobic statement. Then they got angry again when Liam posted a gun photo to Twitter.

But this time, Payne is off the hook, as the anger revolves around a different member of the boy band. Specifically, Zayn Malik who they believe was accused by Jon Stewart of cooperating with ISIS and Hamas. No really, that’s that they think.

Here’s the offending footage:

The Hollywood Gossip

Clearly, a dead-serious news report of the variety that the long-running Comedy Central series is known for.


Within minutes, the hashtag #DailyShowGoneTooFar hit Twitter. It quickly became the site’s number one trending topic. We encourage you to check it out if you feel like you’re not worried enough about today’s youth.

Even though he was never mentioned by name, One Directioners believe Malik to be the target of the joke because he’s a practicing Muslim. Some choice tweets:

"It’s disgusting how they called Zayn a terrorist because he’s Muslim."

"That Show is a Racist."

"Good luck not getting your show canceled. Cause that joke was cruel to say."

"If being a terrorist means being the sweetest, most nicest, humun [sic] ever.then, I wanna be one!"

You heard it here first: The Daily Show – soon to be canceled because people keep giving iPhones to 6th graders. Also, did that last kid say he wants to be a terrorist? He’s probably in Guantanamo already.