Beyonce Bikini Photos: Looking Fierce WITHOUT Photoshop!

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Recently, a slew of new Beyonce bikini photos have made the Internet a better place to be.

The lovely sight was marred by controversy when Beyonce was busted for Photoshopping the images and giving herself a thigh gap that defied the laws of physics.

No harm, no foul, as we're sure most public figures have altered their selfies at one point or another. But even so, Queen Bey decided to make it up to us today by posting her most natural-looking bikini pics to date:

Beyonce Posing in a Bikini
Beyonce in a Bikini: No Photoshop!

As though we needed further confirmation that Jay Z is a lucky man!

Bey looks gorgeous as ever in the new pics, which serve the dual purpose of proving that she doesn't need re-touching to look perfect, as well as further demolishing those stubborn Beyonce pregnancy rumors.

The Carters are on vacation in France, at the moment, but they haven't been participating in many Fashion Week festivities. (They'll leave that to the peasants like Kim and Kanye, thank you very much.)

Instead, Jay and Bey have been hanging on the beach with Blue Ivy and taking in soccer games with David Beckham.

Somehow, amidst all the fun and family bonding, 'Yonce found time to pose for these glorious bikini pics, and for that, we thank her.

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