Beyonce Bikini Photos Reign Over Tumblr, Crush Baby Rumors in Ogle-Worthy Fashion

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Beyonce has, again, shut down the rumor mill in demonstrative fashion.

With a pair of photos on her Tumblr account - bikini photos, and hot ones at that - she sends two salient and unmistakable messages to celebrity news outlets:

  1. No way Beyonce is pregnant again;
  2. She looks absolutely flawless.
Beyonce Bikini Photo: HOT!
Beyonce From the Side

Mrs. Carter's revealing bikini photos, posted to her Tumblr on Tuesday, showcased her flat stomach, some ample cleavage and stunning scenery.

All of which are her custom. The Queen lives the good life.

In one shot, she sits with her legs crossed, smiling for the camera. Then Beyonce poses from the side in a second shot, giving us the true belly-viewing angle.

Unless it just happened, there is no baby up in there. YET.

It's the second subtle, but firm rumor-killing effort by the star in as many days. Tuesday's naked Beyonce baby bump photo sure ended one loony theory.

Conspiracy theorists actually claimed she was rocking a fake baby bump and that Blue Ivy Carter is not her biological child, and/or was born via surrogate.

Seriously. A lot of people on the Internet believed this nonsense, which has to be a first (a father not being the real father, sure ... but the mother??).

So, to sum up, the "Xo" singer was pregnant then. And is not now.

Some controversies remain a mystery - such as the Beyonce thigh gap photoshop flap - but we can put the baby talk to bed for at least a few months now.

On a less noteworthy but still adorable note, the 33-year-old also posted a super cute picture with Blue Ivy, kissing her precious little girl on the neck.

After Blue's VMA appearance last month, it looks like Bey and Jay Z are getting a little more comfortable with her in the public eye in small doses.

Check out lots more photos of the gorgeous, famous family below:

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