Jas and Ness Rose: Wiz Khalifa Cheating Partners Revealed?

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Yesterday, we learned that Wiz Khalifa cheated on Amber Rose with twins. Hot 97 DJ Pete Rosenberg made the accusation live on the air, and described the sisters as "busted."

Now, we know the identity of the twins, and it seems as Rosenberg's assessment of their appearance was more than a bit exaggerated.

Jas and Ness Rose

Jas and Ness Rose (no relation to Amber) are fashion designers and well-known hip hop groupies who have "partied" with the likes of Chris Brown and Kanye West.

The ladies posted a photo of themselves with Wiz on their Instagram account in late June, and now it appears that that pic has been deleted.

After Amber Rose confirmed Wiz had cheated on her on Twitter, she reportedly confided to friends that she had suspected him of infidelity for some time, but wanted to be certain before she went public with the news.

Rose filed for divorce from Khalifa last week, after apparently discovering the evidence that she needed.

Rosenberg says he had Amber's permission to reveal to his listeners that Wiz was caught cheating with twins.

It's not known for certain that Jas and Ness are the twins in question, but given their reputations and past flirtations with Wiz, it's certainly not an outrageous assumption.

We'll bring you more details on this story as they become available.

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