Beyonce Thigh Gap Photoshop Controversy Returns: Did She Doctor Yacht Pics?!

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Beyonce's thigh gap is so unreal ... it may actually be not real.

Queen Bey is accused of Photoshopping one of her recent Tumblr pictures, and unlike the Beyonce-Jay Z divorce rumors, her critics may be onto something.

Unless half of one step on this yacht is crooked by design:

Beyonce Thigh Gap Photoshop Pic
Beyonce: Photoshopped Thigh Gap?

Beyonce posted photos to her website Tuesday, showing her cuddling Jay Z and flaunting her bangin' body in all its glory. But is its glory all natural?

You can clearly see one of the stairs behind her is crooked.

Either this is the weirdest/worst carpentry ever to be seen on a multi-million dollar sailing vessel or there is something fishy going on with her pics.

Adding to the drama? Beyonce thigh gap Photoshop speculation has surfaced before, also in images she shared on her famed Tumblr account.

It's a recurring thing, and with Beyonce's image so carefully crafted, yet shrouded in mystery, the scrutiny is only increasing with every alleged alteration.

Fans accused the 33-year-old singer of increasing her "gap" once before, because that is apparently a thing some people care about enough to do.

Another picture shows her sitting with a visibly distorted wine glass, so however perfect things may be with her marriage, her editing skills are anything but.

They really are a cute couple, though, as the images below (doctored or not) show. Possibly expecting another child, if you believe the recent reports.

If it turns out she is expecting the couple's second child next year, cue the gossip reports about how she's pregnant to save their marriage in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...

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