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Hey, Walmart and Amazon, at least you aren’t selling a sweatshirt that commemorates a bloody massacre.

Still, though, the retailers are under fire this week for offering the following an item: a T-shirt meant for women to wear that states they are in “training to be Batman’s wife.”

Aside from the fact that this doesn’t make any sense – how would one train for this role? And what does it even mean, considering Batman has never been married? – many see the tagline as the epitome of sexism.


We’re really aiming to inspire women to “train” to be a spouse? That’s the goal to which they should aspire?

Meanwhile, young men are encouraged to actually be Batman himself; i.e. to focus on a benevolent life of helping others above all else, to be a symbol of hope and light and all that’s good in the world.

But women? They just need to keep the Bat Cave clean and maybe detail the Batmobile every now and then.

Although Walmart and Amazon are yet to comment on this sexist shirt, DC Comics issued a statement apologizing for its message.

“All our fans are incredibly important to us, and we understand that the messages on certain T-shirts are offensive,” it reads. “We agree. Our company is committed to empowering boys and girls, men and women, through our characters and stories.

“Accordingly, we are taking a look at our licensing and product design process to ensure that all our consumer products reflect our core values and philosophy.”