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It took awhile, along with a lot of convincing, but Thea made her return home toward the end of Arrow Season 3 Episode 3.

Next Wednesday night, meanwhile, another return will highlight Arrow Season 3 Episode 4, "The Magician."

Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 Teaser

Yup, it’s Nyssa! Katrina Law will reprise this character when she confronts Oliver about Sara, who Oliver suspects Malcolm Merlyn killed.

Therefore, Oliver will team up with Nyssa to go after the Dark Archer… but what about Oliver’s vow not to kill?


Elsewhere, Laurel will stay as far away as she can from Nyssa because she blames her sibling’s death on her connection to the League of Assassins.

Fans can also look forward to Oliver and Roy trying to repair their respective relationships with Willa Holland’s Thea; while Nyssa will discuss Oliver with her dad… Ra’s al Ghul!

Did you catch the latest installment of this action-packed CW drama?

If not, you can visit TV Fanatic to watch Arrow online or you can simply view the following video:

Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Online
Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Online