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Juan Pablo Galavis and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell are making progress, Couples Therapy Dr. Jenn Berman says, though there is clearly room for improvement.

On Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7, and pretty much every episode prior to that, the two personalities have shown how deep their issues run.

Nikki’s penchant for throwing fits when she doesn’t get her way and the way Juan expresses emotion and affection (he doesn’t) have been constant themes.

But Berman says they’re coming along as a couple despite all this.

“Juan Pablo and Nikki have evolved through their therapy,” she tells People of The Bachelor’s embattled winning pair. “But there’s more work to be done.”

“There are some specific things about Juan Pablo that have caused him to hold back, but both he and Nikki open up more and more as they go through therapy.”

One big piece of advice she has for Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo?


Stop always being so freaking concerned about public opinion!

“I’ve told them to stop reading blogs and fan sites about them. I don’t think it’s in their best interest for them to look at the things that people say,” she says.

“Juan Pablo has a very thick skin and is able to intellectualize it a little bit … it affects him less. Nikki is a nurse from Kansas; it’s unfamiliar territory for her.”

Watch Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 Online
Watch Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 Online

“They live in a fishbowl, and that makes it hard.”

As for Nikki freaking out about cameras following her, which seems ridiculous if you watch Couples Therapy online, given that it’s a VH1 reality show?

In the five seasons of Couples Therapy, Berman has seen it before with reactions to the environment, and says Ferrell’s reaction comes as no surprise.

“We had an amazing and intense period [of counseling] that felt very private,” she says. “When it airs, even I struggle a little bit because it’s so personal.”

“When it’s on TV, it’s very hard to see how you might come across during these private moments … they are both really trying to make this work.”

“It’s a process; I think that we all owe it to ourselves and our partners to be constantly working on ourselves. We should be evolving and growing.”

But can these two actually make it last?

Juan Pablo and Nikki are growing as individuals, and growing as a couple,” Dr. Jenn says, so she’s at least semi-bullish on their chances … for now.

Juan Pablo and Nikki: Will it last?