Amanda Bynes Claws Fan at Club, Limps Around Store With One Shoe on, Mumbles Incoherently

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Amanda Bynes is totally out of it and in desperate need of mental help, as dispatches from the last 48 hours of her strange life in New York City prove.

Amanda Bynes Back on Twitter

The 28-year-old reportedly assaulted a woman who got too close to her at a nightclub, where she rolled in solo Monday night in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood.

Bynes showed up at an event at the Gilded Lily nightclub, and witnesses reported that she was dancing alone, wearing sunglasses and keeping to herself.

That is, until random people started taking photos of her, which she doesn't like.

The possibly engaged Amanda Bynes started yelling at fans (or whatever they were), but when one of them crossed the line, she went on the attack.

According to witnesses, Bynes came at her violently, scratching her neck and arms. The woman tells TMZ she doesn't plan to press charges, however.

She's still a fan who really loves and supports Amanda. That's good at least.

One nice break isn't likely to stem the tide of this brewing storm, of course, and after leaving the club, her odd behavior picked up again the next day.

The following morning (Tuesday), several Bloomingdale's shoppers saw her limping around the department store for hours, wearing just one shoe.

All the while, she was mumbling incoherently or talking to inanimate objects.

Bynes' family, despite the fact that they've been in denial of her condition to the point where they had a conservatorship in place and let it lapse, is concerned.

Her friends, too, are panicked after her DUI arrest late last month set in motion the bizarre series of events that become ever more so on a daily basis.

Reportedly, her mom made an emergency trip to NYC in fear that something tragic is going to happen before she gets the help she obviously needs.

Not a moment too soon. We just wonder if it will take.

Here's hoping someone gets through to her, because before long, Instagram pics of the joints she's smoking will be the least worrisome thing about her.

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