Amanda Bynes: Wearing Bandage on Face, Talking to Inanimate Objects in NYC

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Amanda Bynes hopped a flight from Los Angeles to N.Y. City late last week, and since arriving in the Big Apple has been exhibiting more bizarre behavior.

Following Amanda Bynes' DUI arrest last week, friends and fans feared that the Amanda of 2012-13 had resurfaced. Unfortunately, they were correct.

She has apparently reverted to the exact same antics we saw before her July 2013 meltdown, involuntary psychiatric hospitalization and conservatorship.

That conservatorship recently expired, with Amanda's parents seemingly having no clue anything was amiss. Well it is, and it likely won't end well.

Friday night, the "retired" actress was seen puffing on a Camel cigarette on the street, wearing a mysterious bandage on one side of her face.

She then rolled into the Cartier store wearing sweatpants, reports indicate.

Before boarding a flight at LAX bound for New York, she was talking to herself, obsessively putting on makeup in the airport and generally "really out of it."

Multiple people who saw Amanda in NYC's Union Square Friday night say she seemed "very paranoid" and that her behavior was really worrisome.

For example, the 28-year-old was speaking to inanimate objects, like trees.

To make a long story short, it's bad. Really bad. And likely getting worse.

Unless Amanda's parents seek a conservatorship again and try to rein this in and get her back on medication, it looks like just a matter of time.

Even if Rick and Lynn Bynes did see a need to do that - and by all accounts they're in denial and don't - it's hard to hospitalize someone against their will.

Unless she poses a significant danger to herself or others, that is, but the obvious catch is that by the time that happens, it could already be too late.

The last time she was spiraling downward, she dodged a bullet. Bynes started a fire in a suburban stranger's driveway and no one was hurt, including herself.

Will she be so lucky this time?

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