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Things lightened up a bit on Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 3.

No, this series won’t ever be mistaken for The Big Bang Theory, but "Wingman" gave us a look at Reese figuring out how to work the police system… Fusco out on the dating scene… and The Machine learing how to give Finch a lot of money and guns while not sounding Samaritan’s alarms.

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This wasn’t an hour grounded in heavy mythology. Instead, it featured various members of the team actually getting some fun stuff to do.

There was Finch having to pretend that he was a legendary, tough-as-nails mercenary, actually uttering the awesome line:” I only have two modes: calm and furious.”


There was Reese being forced to use his Machine-inspired detective skills instead of simply shooting criminals in the kneecap in the middle of a crowd.

And there was Fusco going toe-to-toe with a "social liaison" attempting to give him an image makeover. Read that sentence again and try not to laugh.

In the end, Reese’s captain (portrayed by Monique Gabriela Curnen) was satisfied about the closed case. Finch was content that The Machine provided for him while also sweeping up the criminals in the wake of his mission. And Fusco was happy because… he went on a date!

On top of all these developments, we witnessed Root back in action as well, although only for a short, kneecapping moment.

It’s also worth noting Captain Moreno’s quote about believing all the mobsters with shot legs could have been Reese’s handiwork. Overall, this was a strong hour in which nearly everything and everyone converged on the police precinct following one wild and crazy day.

Was it a different Person of Interest tone than usual? Yes. But change isn’t always a bad thing, is it?

If you missed Season 4 Episode 3, head over to TV Fanatic now and watch Person of Interest online.