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Tonight’s Dancing With the Stars episode should be a memorable one, regardless of who scores the highest and which couple gets sent packing.

Why? Because contestant Alfonso Ribeiro is about to bust out The Carlton!!

“Whenever you are creating something, you can’t focus on how it is going to play … you just do it and hope it works in the moment,” the actor says.

“I never thought it would still be something 20-something years later.”

The dance, which he made famous while playing Will Smith’s cousin on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is the perfect fit for this evening’s competition.

The theme for Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 6 is the most memorable year of the stars’ lives, so what better time to work in that classic.

Thus far this season, Ribeiro has already tackled the jive, the samba and the quickstep, showing us that he’s got more moves than just his signature move.

That’s the one fans have been clamoring for, however.

“You guys want to see the real Carlton? Tune in this week,” Ribeiro says, promising to give fans their money’s worth along with partner Witney Carson.

He’s hyped, too: “I just feel like this week is all about giving the fans what they have been asking for and making them happy,” says the ted 43-year-old.

He can count on all 10s from us, because you know he won’t half-ass it … this is a guy who already used a mini-Alfonso Ribeiro in his routine last week.

Just hand him the Mirror Ball title now.