James Franco and Seth Rogen: Naked and Afraid on Instagram!

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The frequently hilarious, sometimes baffling performance art of Seth Rogen and James Franco has given us some memorable moment over the years:

There was the time Rogen and Franco spoofed Kimye by rubbing uglies on a motorcycle. The time they time Franco painted Rogen nude and shared every doughy detail on Instagram. 

But for all the times they've amused us in various stages of undress, the freaky, geeky duo have never gotten serious while nude. Until now:

James Franco and Seth Rogen: Naked and Afraid
Seth Rogen and James Franco: Naked, Afraid!

Yes, nothing says male bonding like letting dongs flap free while fighting for survival, and hopefully that's what Rogen and Franco are teasing here.

They posted a series of pics referencing the Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid reality series, with little in the way of explanation:

"See if me and Seth can make it, NAKED and AFRAID!!!" Franco tweeted. "Wtf?! You'll see..."

We would love it - love it - if Seth and James starred in an episode of Discovery's signature show, but it seems unlikely.

Anyone who's seen the series knows that shiz gets real in a serious way on N&A, and we doubt Discovery wants to be responsible for the dramatic, artsy death of James Franco.

That leaves the question of what these two are planning. At the moment we have no idea, but we're guessing it involves nudity...and fear - not unlike those nude Rogen paintings we talked about. 

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