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Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, but is there already trouble in paradise for the attractive duo?

Recent reports suggest that Marcus is dating around after proposing to Lacy. Could this revelation spell the end of their whirlwind romance and engagement?

The other woman in Marcus’ life, allegedly, is Sydney Rae James, who insiders claim assumed that her new beau’s relationship with Lacy was already over.

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Of course, she assumed that, having seen him get engaged on The Bachelor and Bachelorette spinoff on ABC. Why would he ask her out otherwise?

On the flip side … how could this not have come up!?

On the flip flip side … it’s Bachelor In Paradise. Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got engaged after like a month. Then they went back to real life.

Crazier assumptions have been made. Just saying.

Says a source who dished on Syd’s alleged date:


“[Marcus and Sydney] went on a date and kissed… he was all over her. Meanwhile, poor Lacy has been planning their wedding this whole time.”

“If she knew anything about Sydney, she’d flip out.”

Does she after this “source” spilled the beans?

As for the Twitter and Instagram evidence/hints, fans have noted a copious quantity of adorable photos on Lacy’s account, and next to nothing on Marcus’ page.

Says a lot, doesn’t it!? Maybe?!

As always, you can watch TV online at TV Fanatic for all the episodes of all the shows in the Bachelor franchise, which has become a year-round thing.

Thank goodness.

Also, be sure to check back with us throughout the fall and early winter for The Bachelor spoilers galore as Chris Soules’ season gears up for a January premiere.

Should be epic.