Kim Zolciak Defends Body Against Online Haters: It’s "Allll F--KING ME!"

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Kim Zolciak is loving her new swimsuits, along with the body that goes inside of them.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star made this clear last night, when Zolciak posed for yet another bikini-based selfie and shared it with her followers on Instagram.

The mother of six admitted in her caption that she’s changed her diet around, often downing some nutritious shakes, yet she made no mention of any plastic surgery and definitely no mention of any Photoshop use.

But a handful of critics when ahead and made these mentions for her.

"I post a picture on my IG for MY followers that support me," Zolciak wrote in response to accusations that she edited her image. "if you don't like it #unfollow I think I have officially read it all after posting my bathing suit pic yesterday!"

Based on Kim's follow-up message, it's pretty clear what sort of criticism she's been facing online.

"From photoshopping a thigh gap, to photoshopping my breast, to photoshopping a butt how about.. it's me alllll F--KING ME haters ..every last bit is ME!! Zoom in real f--kin close too... I dare you... no photoshopping!!"

Zolciak also included a picture with her rant that indicated the number of “f-cks” she gives about her critics: none. None whatsoever.

"My surgeon didn't change my size, I'm the same size 4 I have always been," she wrote. "YES bitches I'm a size 4, he simply fixed my hernia, repaired my muscles and gave me the most incredible set of tatas EVER!"

But, wait, Zociak wasn't finished. She was just getting started!

"Kiss my ass, be jealous, hate all you want…I have had 6 kids, 4 of which I had in less than 3 yrs and yes I look this f--kin good!"

As documented above, Zolciak does post many selfies, but it's only because she's proud of her body and how it's bounced back after giving birth on so many occasions.

Concludes the fire-up star:

"I wanted women to know it's ok to take care of you and feel good about yourself after having children and for you sorry ass people to write on my IG I'm fake etc this is for you. I [wouldn't] have a show with or without taping my surgery HOWEVER I wanted women to see 1st hand the process, the recovery etc I always wished I could watch someone go through it."

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