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On October 5, Teresa and Joe Giudice will be sentenced for their convictions on several counts of fraud. Teresa could receive up to two years in prison, and Joe nearly four.

To make matters worse, Joe Giudice never bothered to become an American citizen, meaning that after he serves his time, there’s a good chance he could be shipped back to Italy.

Sources say Joe is certain that he won’t be deported – but his confidence reportedly stunned his friends and lawyers, most of whom believe it’s all but guaranteed that Joe will be booted out of the States given the nature and severity of his crimes.

“It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Joe would be deported,” one insider told Radar Online.

Teresa and Joe have delayed their sentencing on multiple occasions, but legal experts say they’re all out of tricks and will definitely have to face the music on October 5. 

Currently, the Giudices are trying to sell their mansion in order to help them provide for their four children in the event that both parents get locked up.

Of course, if Joe gets deported, they won’t have much need for a home in Jersey, anyway. Maybe they can talk Bravo into trying out a Real Housewives of Sicily spin-off.