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Sources have said that Teresa Giudice is “positive” she won’t go to prison, but her recent actions seem to indicate otherwise.

First, Teresa begged Bravo not to televise her sentencing. Given her usual love of cameras and publicity, that seemed like a sure sign that the Jersey Housewife is expecting bad news.

An even clearer indication that Teresa is preparing to trade in her cocktail dresses for an orange jumpsuit is the fact that she and her husband Joe – who’s also likely to do time on fraud charges – have put their $3.9 million mansion up for sale.

Teresa and Louie

The Giudices purchased the home for $530,000 back in 2002, but after millions in renovations, they’ve transformed it into a 10,000 square foot tacky Taj Mahal.


While it’s likely that both Joe and Teresa will go to prison, they probably won’t receive the maximum penalties of 46 months and 27 months, respectively.

The main motivation for selling their home is likely the fact that the Giudices are in desperate need for a quick buck before they head to the slammer.

Despite Teresa’s $700,000 Housewives salary (!), she and Joe are rumored to be flat broke and worried about how they’ll provide for their four children.