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Short on cash and feeling apprehensive about becoming a mother, a pregnant woman recently turned to a crowdfunding site to pay for her abortion.

To see if anybody would donate to this charity of her own creation – the cleverly-titled “Stop Bailey From Breeding Fund” – she signed up on GoFund Me.

Bailey was actually able to raise some cash for the procedure … until GoFundMe began getting complaints, at which point it booted her off the site.

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A representative said the company didn’t want to be “associated with” the “content subject matter” she was promoting, and her page was removed.

The content subject matter, included gems like this: “Aside from having no desire to raise a child, she is economically unstable and can barely afford to support herself.”

“This means having enough to pay rent, smoke cigarettes, drink rockstar, support her friends in prison, and if she’s really busted her ass, maybe go to a show or two.”


Bailey was 19 weeks along when she created the page, claiming she was in so much pain, she could barely get out of bed, let alone find work.

While the woman sounds a little bit irresponsible and her tone could be off-putting, GoFundMe has also faced criticism AFTER yanking her page.

The company boasts that it helps raise people money for “medical expenses, education, volunteer programs, youth, funerals & memorials, even animals & pets.”

This is certainly a medical expense, and it’s private funding by design – no taxes involved! – so some believe she should have been allowed to at least try.

Of course, as a private company, GoFundMe can do whatever it wants, and it deemed this inappropriate. What do you think? Did it make the right decision?