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George Clooney is following the lead of good friend Brad Pitt.

Not only in getting married, but in how he’s using the celebrity gossip game to make money for important causes off that marriage.

As reported just a few weeks ago, Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated all $5 million they earned from selling their wedding photos to People Magazine and Hello! Magazine to various charities.

And now we can confirm that Clooney and new bride Amal Alamuddin have done the same exact thing.

Sources close to the gorgeous couple tell TMZ that Clooney and Alamuddin were happy to pose for whatever publication ponied up the most cash, with People winning the North America market and Hello! doing the same in Europe.

The newlyweds are now taking that money and distributing it to a number of human rights causes, with most earmarked for the Satellite Sentinel Project, an organization that monitors the Sudan for war crimes.

Clooney is a co-founder of the group, which launched in 2010.

“Every photo in both magazines will be saving a life,” an insider tells TMZ of Clooney’s admirable goal.

The Oscar winner and Alamuddin got married in Venice over the weekend, first with an elaborate ceremony on Saturday night in front of many guests; and then in a small, quick civil ceremony on Monday to make it nice and legal.

We send the couple our very best wishes and we hope to see grandkids someday! You can do it, George!