Woman Gets Plastic Surgery So Hands Are More Selfie-Worthy (Seriously)

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When Christa Hendershot got engaged last fall, the typical photo filters were not cutting it when it came time to show off the bling her fiance picked out.

Those hands ... she did not want to post a ring selfie with those hands.

So the 33-year-old from Mount Sinai, N.Y., did what any of us would do and turned to plastic surgery, looking to smooth out her hands and make them "selfie worthy."

Hand Plastic Surgery

She recently shelled out more than $3,000 for "hand rejuvenation."

Hendershot felt her hands were "veiny" and her knuckles "very red," but after the procedure, she felt happier about the appearance of her digits. 

The explosion of social media and quest for the perfect selfie have gotten so extreme that filters and photo editing tricks just aren't getting it done for some.

After seeing how she looked in wedding photos, Jen Muir, 33, said she realized she hated the way her nose looked and shies away from selfies.

So Muir decided to have a nose job, spending $15,000 for selfies.

"I want to change my profile. I feel like my nose hangs," she said.

"I also want to change my bump. I feel like it's too big."

Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Rizk of New York City, credited social media for an uptick in business, the biggest trend he has seen in his 16 year career.

"I personally would see 2-3 patients a day that have come in from selfies and social media," he said, adding that Muir was so happy, she started crying.

Not exactly Human Barbie here, but ... wow.

She's far from the first person to have work done (see celebrity nose jobs gallery below), but are we taking the vanity aspect of photo sharing a tad seriously?

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