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For better or worse, "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova is truly one of a kind.

The whole idea of Barbie, the iconic doll from Mattel, is that she is so universally feminine that every girl in the world can identify with it to some degree.

Valeria took her unparalleled obsession to an entirely new echelon, however.

Whether she’s getting countless plastic surgeries, using every photo filter known to humankind or slathering on makeup like it’s her job, she strives to BE Barbie.

And subsist on air and light alone … but that’s neither here nor there.

This is more than exacerbating a superficial image. It’s a new breed of crazy … from someone who doesn’t believe in breeding between races. The irony.

She’s a character. Scroll through 23 Valeria Lukyanova photos below, but be warned: There’s no going back, and you may become addicted and/or terrified.

We have rarely seen a girl who was not a fan of barbie when she was little. The whole concept of Barbie is so feminine that every girl in the world can relate to it to some extent. We understand the attachment but taking it to this level, the obsession depicted in the pictures below, that is insane. The girl in the pictures below got a gazillion surgeries and procedures done on her so that she could resemble a Barbie herself. Talk about portraying a superficial image. This is obsession to the extent of crazy we say. Like Barbie, love her but don’t wear her.