Lindsay Lohan Posts Side Boob Redemption Selfie, Still Full of Saggy Sadness

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Yesterday, the world caught an unwelcome eyeful of Lindsay Lohan's side boob.

If you're afraid to click that link (and who could blame you?) just picture two freckly fried eggs nailed to a wall.

Since Googling herself is Lindsay's only hobby that doesn't start with "C" and end with "-ocaine," she clearly saw the photo and was as traumatized as the rest of us by the sight of two depressing Golden Girl breasts oozing out of the side of her ill-fitting wetsuit.

So today, Lindsay did what any delusional narcissist would do and posted a sort of side boob rebuttal:

Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Selfie

Yes, it was a smarter idea that the infamous "Lohan underwear and champagne selfie" but it still didn't work out quite as she'd planned.

The problem is, the public is smarter than you think, Linds. You can pretend all you want that you're pointing to your tattoo, but we know that you're surreptitiously lifting your sad-bags to the level of a normal 28-year-old's.

It was a valiant effort, but candid paparazzi shots will always be more trustworthy than carefully posed Instagram selfies.

Hilariously, Lindsay's caption for this photo reads, "The mind replays what the heart can't delete." That's exactly how we feel when we're srub the sight of the Lindsay's bikini photos from out brains:

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