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Lindsay Lohan’s long streak of brilliant decisions is still going strong!

Earlier this month, a source revealed that Lohan was “struggling” to stay sober and had fallen off the wagon several times since moving to London. The insider went on to confirm that water is wet.

Now we have photographic evidence that Lindsay is boozing again, and it comes not from the expected source (paparazzi), but rather from LiLo’s own Instagram page:

The Hollywood Gossip

Yes, that’s Lindsay posing in her underwear, and while her upper thigh serves to discredit rumors that Lindsay is having her freckles surgically removed, the truly interesting part of the photo is the unmistakable glass of champagne in the background. 


Yes, it’s possible the drink belongs to someone else.

After all, we know Lindsay wasn’t alone as the photo was clearly taken by a “friend.” Plus, pretty much any time Linds takes her clothes off, it’s a safe bet that at least one other person is in the room.

Even so, does anyone really believe that Lindsay hosted a boozy hotel party during which she shed her clothes and she didn’t imbibe at any point?

There’s only one way that that’s possible: sources say Lindsay’s drug of choice is Ecstasy these days, so maybe she doesn’t drink when she’s rolling. 

That’s literally the only possible way that she’s not sh-tfaced drunk in this photo.