Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild: It's Over!

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Steve Neild, the longtime bodyguard, adviser and rumored side piece of Kate Gosselin, has resigned from that position, according to news reports.

The 51-year-old silver fox has left Gosselin after many years together and starting a new job as Executive Vice President of Prudential Associates.

He and the reality star “no longer have any communication.”

Rumors of an affair between Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild have dogged both of them for years, dating back to when she was still married to Jon.

It was never established if they were romantically involved, but you had to wonder, and even if they weren't, their relationship took a toll on his marriage.

Steve's wife, Gina, reportedly told her husband "his time with Kate as her bodyguard was making the family miserable and that he had to make a choice."

As a result, according to a neighbor of the couple, the bodyguard “made a decision to spend quality time with his family this summer,” and move on.

The breaking point allegedly came earlier this year when she was seen berating her kids at a Demi Lovato concert this year ... and cozying up to Steve.

The divorced mom-of-eight and her bodyguard then allegedly shared a hotel room in March when Gosselin was doing filming for NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.

Whatever was going on ground to a halt, however, and now that Steve is moving on, Kate has lost one of the few remaining people who can tolerate her.

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