27 Worst Pick-Up Lines EVER: Use At Your Own Risk!

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Some people are Ryan Gosling or Jennifer Lawrence. They exude sex appeal and personality and are crushed on universally by men and women alike.

And some people, well, they just aren't. Try as they may, they cannot get a date to save their lives. We've determined the reason why that may be:

They're using terrible, horrible, no good, really bad pick-up lines.

Like, the worst pick-up lines EVER. (No, really. These are bad.)

We scoured the Internet to dig up the best of the worst pick-up lines to save you the mortal embarrassment of uttering one of them the next time you're trying to pick up a hottie.

You're welcome.

Of course, bad pick-up lines aren't solely limited to in-person encounters. Oh no. Some people go the texting route and end up with some embarrassing sexting fails ...

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