29 Sexting Attempts That Were Not Sexy at All

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"Sext your partner" they say! "It'll be good for your relationship" they insist, with confidence.

Who is THEY, anyway, 'cause there's a good chance they've never seen sexts like these!

Food as foreplay, bingewatching Netflix, and fort building exercises are among the topics these senders used to lure the objects of their affections into the bedroom.

If these people are trying to be sexy*, they're totally failing miserably. Check out 29 funny sexting fails, quite possibly the least sexy sexts ever sent.

Seriously. These texts are about as sexy as Miley Cyrus riding a giant hot dog**.

* - We're at least 82% certain none of these sexts are legitimately trying to be sexy. But there's always 18% of the population who would use lines like this to pick up dates.

** - Or who would find images of Miley Cyrus riding a giant hot dog sexy.

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