29 Sexts That Were Just Not Sexy

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Check out 29 sexting FAILS. Are these are the least sexy sexts ever? YES!

1. Cheese and Wine

Cheese and Wine
Candles, wine, and an assortment of cheeses all sound like the makings of a great night. So why does this sound so very unsexy?

2. A Winning Combination

A Winning Combination
Coffee and jalapeno Cheetos. The breakfast of champions.

3. Let's Cuddle

Let's Cuddle
Okay, so this might lead to nookie. Maybe.

4. Ummmm....

This would probably not lead to nookie unless the neck breaker is a necrophiliac. GET A RESTRAINING ORDER ASAP!

5. Missed Calls

Missed Calls
Is depressing ass music all it takes to fall asleep so hard you don't wake up at all while your phone rings 100 different times? Also, this is depressing.

6. Donut Sext Again

Donut Sext Again
Is "getting donuts" what the kids are calling it these days?

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