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Selena Gomez left a rehab program ahead of schedule back in February, and now the troubled singer’s friends feel it’s time she checks herself back in. 

Sources say Selena has been partying harder than ever since getting back together with Justin Bieber, and the on-again, off-again couple hit a new low over the past holiday weekend.

“Selena was definitely feeling no pain at 4th of July festivities in Malibu,” says an anonymous friend. “There were numerous trips to the bathroom…Selena would emerge several minutes later, giggling and holding her nose.”

The insider claims that Selena’s newfound wild streak is the result of the negative influences with whom she’s surrounded herself:


“Selena is hanging with a very bad crew right,” says the source, adding that Gomez has dropped friends like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato from her life in favor of Bieber’s hard-partying cronies.

Insiders say Selena-Demi friendship ended earlier this week as a result of Selena’s drug use and rekindled romance with Bieber. 

“Swimming away from the bullsh-t bye bitch,” Lovato reportedly tweeted and deleted the same day that she unfollowed her lifelong friend on Instagram.

Sources say Lovato is “taking her sobriety very seriously” and has become frustrated by Gomez’ continued refusal to clean up her act.