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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together in a big way. We’ve now got video evidence to support the reports of the duo’s latest reconcilation.

Clutching and grabbing onto him last night after a day of fun in Malibu, Selena was riding Bieber hard (on his back, people) and loving every second of it.

All together now … SIGH.

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The above Instagram footage shows the pop superstar and his on-off girlfriend partying at Bootsy Bellows for a mutual friend’s birthday celebration.

Earlier Monday, Selena was riding with her man (term used loosely) on his Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeler as they cruised along the beach with some friends.

The public display of togetherness comes after a prior report indicated Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had reconciled following his n-word controversy.


Justin reached out to Selena amid the backlash from his controversial racist jokes, telling her he really missed her and that she was his one true soulmate.

Bieber further won Gomez over by begging her to see him and saying she is "the ONLY one who truly understood him and that he needed her by his side."

Talk about making lemonade out of racist viral video lemons.

Selena then flew on up to Canada to spend the weekend at a private cottage with Justin, his dad (who also just had a birthday), his siblings and friends.

You may also recall that Bieber Instagrammed last week – before taking it down moments later – a photo with Selena captioned, "Our love is unconditional."

And unbreakable … until they break up again next month.

Justin and Selena back together: Good idea?