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LeAnn and Eddie is a real show that premieres next Thursday.

If you tuned out Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes to the point where you didn’t know about this, or knew but blocked it out, we understand. And we are sorry.

Still the latest LeAnn and Eddie trailer makes it clearer than ever that this is one of the more nonsensical reality shows to ever exist, which says a lot.

Watch them below and try not to cringe at the awkwardness:

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It’s a mercifully short TV spot, but three moments stand out here:

  1. Brandi Glanville‘s ex-husband looking in his rear view mirror like a big shot as he faux-laments all the paparazzi attention the duo gets.
  2. Rimes’ attempts to convince us this is the "real" them.
  3. LeAnn correcting Eddie when he says his name in front of hers, ostensibly a joke that thinly masks the obvious truth behind her faux-irritation.

Yup, this is the kind of self-centered, vapid nonsense that this show is going to be about … when she’s not begging him for a baby that is.

Good times?