Lemur Hops in Baby Carrier at Zoo, Sleeping Child Doesn't Even Wake Up

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The official website for the Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas, does not advertise that visitors can expect a ring-tailed lemur in your baby carrier.

But it might as well!

In mom Angie Widener's case, that scenario actually occurred, as she was astonished to discover the creature on her 9-week-old sleeping child's head:

Lemur, Baby

Strollers are not allowed in the facility's lemur exhibit, so mom brought baby Finley in in her car seat, which she proceeded to set on the ground.

She was watching her two older children feed the animals when a stranger pointed out casually, "Um, ma'am ... there is a lemur on your baby."

That there was.

Widener said that the baby didn't even wake up, and the lemur was content to play with the young one's lemur-friendly toys, so all was well.

She recalls:

Lemur on Baby

"I was shocked, but the zookeeper assured me she was safe, so my two older daughters and I got a few laughs and we snapped some pictures."

Ones they'll cherish forever, no doubt.

The ring-tailed lemur, a native of Madagascar, did not come home with Finley and family, unfortunately ... but they can always come visit again.

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