23 Amazing Animal Photobombs

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HA! Click around these animal photobombs ad try to decide which is your all-time favorite.

1. Squirrel Photobomb

Squirrel Photobomb
What a ham! This squirrel jumps up and turns a basic vacation photo into a legendary snapshot.

2. Deer Photobombs Baby

Deer Photobombs Baby
Talk about an AMAZING photobomb. This shoot with a sleeping baby was interrupted in adorable fashion by a deer.

3. Hippo Photobomb

Hippo Photobomb
This is the sort of risk one runs when one poses for a photograph inside an aquarium.

4. Pigeon Photobomb

Pigeon Photobomb
Lots of people have a photo of their significant other in front of this landmark. But how many folks have a picture like this??

5. Giraffe Photobomb

Giraffe Photobomb
Some photobombs are subtle. Others, not so much. Can you guess into which camp this photo falls?

6. Photobomb in the Wilderness

Photobomb in the Wilderness
Excuse me, children. But I'm pretty sure people would rather look at me than look at you.

7. Painful Photobomb

Painful Photobomb
Don't worry. It's okay to laugh. This woman was unharmed in this amazing photo.

8. Gorilla Photobomb

Gorilla Photobomb
Look up. See him now? This is our favorite gorilla photobomb of all-time.

9. Mini Photobomb

Mini Photobomb
All it takes to photobomb another dog is a pair of eyes sometimes. Case in point... this.

10. Pssst, Owner!

Pssst, Owner!
Hey, owner! Let me in! Let go of that dog! Sheesh!

11. Whale Photobomb

Whale Photobomb
Surprise! This whale decided (sort of) to photobomb this short of a bird.

12. Mean Cat Photobomb

Mean Cat Photobomb
It's hard to divert attention from this big-faced dog. But the cat in the background accomplishes that task.

13. Photobombing a Golden

Photobombing a Golden
Yes, this Golden Retriever is cute. But our attention is diverted elsewhere.

14. Angry Cat Photobomb

Angry Cat Photobomb
How dare you take a photo of this dog? LOOK AT ME INSTEAD!

15. Dog Photobombs Wedding

Dog Photobombs Wedding
Can you catch the dog photobomb in this wedding photo? Come on. Look closely.

16. Crazy Cat Photobomb

Crazy Cat Photobomb
This might be the most subtle and hilarious animal photobomb in the history of the World Wide Web.

17. Girls Photobombed by Horse

Girls Photobombed by Horse
Smile, girls! And, okay, why not... you smile, too, horse!

18. Seal Photobomb!

Seal Photobomb!
Hey there, cameraman! This seal takes some attention away from a group of penguins.

19. Horse Photobomb!

Horse Photobomb!
Yes, this is a cute little girl. But it's a little hard to focus on her at the moment.

20. Pug Photobomb!

Pug Photobomb!
This pug makes sure he's front and center for this adorable photo of himself and another dog.

21. Double Dog Photobomb!

Double Dog Photobomb!
This may be the saddest dog in recorded history. Why is his owner trying to leave him out of the picture?!?

22. Sea Turtle Photobomb!

Sea Turtle Photobomb!
Check out this sea turtle crashing a wedding in one of the cooler photobombs ever.

23. Sloth Selfie!

Sloth Selfie!
HA! How cool is this?!? This guy somehow managed to snap a selfie with a sloth.

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