Justin Bieber Uses Wheelchair at Disneyland: WHY?!?

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He wouldn't... would he?!?

A new scandal is brewing around Justin Bieber - and it may be his most damning one yet.

What could be worse than peeing into a restaurant mop bucket, hurling eggs at a neighbor's house and drunk driving in Miami? Consider this:

Bieber may have faked a handicap on Sunday at Disneyland in order to cut the lines.

Justin Bieber Wheelchair

We know Bieber definitely wheeled around in one of these apparatuses, thanks to photo on social media. We simply don’t know why

"This is turning into a potential scandal,” E! News' Ken Baker told Ryan Seacrest this morning on the radio, addressing the wheelchair incident.

"People, I’m told, were getting annoyed because they felt like he was using the wheelchair... in order to get to the front of the line on the rides at Disneyland."

Again, we ask: Would Bieber really do this?!?

It's one thing to party too loudly and smoke weed. It's another to use a wheelchair (as a wealthy celebrity, no less) just to cut in line.

"If this was true, it would be the most horrible thing," Baker says, adding that he personally believes Bieber simply hurt his leg or something.

Maybe. But it must have been pretty severe to be in a wheelchair - and no photos of Justin outside of Disneyland in a wheelchair have surfaced this week.


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