Justin Bieber Sings "Baby" With Little Girl, Almost Redeems Himself For Years of Douchiness!

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Brace yourself: you're about to read a story about Justin Bieber that has nothing to do with drugs, arrests, or swaggy D-bagness in general.

Justin stopped his limo to greet fans last night, and in the process, gave us the most awwww-inspiring viral video since that dog waited for his sick owner outside the hospital.

So cute it's almost sad, right? Even the little girl's choice of song reminds us that Bieber wasn't always this perma-stoned douche lord that he's morphed into today.

Of course, the same day this video was taken, Bieber's naked selfie hangover cure also hit the web, but let's try and focus on the positive, shall we? 

No word on who the little girl is or how she became such a huge of fan of Bieber jams that came out before she was born, but here's hoping her parents have been shielding her from news of the Biebs' latest antics.

Seeing Bieber croon his first hit with a 4-year-old fan reminds us that he's really still just a kid himself, and is it weird that this video actually gives us hope he might be able to turn things around?

At first it seemed that Bieber getting back together with Selena Gomez was a step in the right direction, but now it looks as though he's simply dragging her down with him. 

With any luck, Justin will watch this video and think, "Hey! I wasn't always the worst! Maybe I should stop being terrible!"


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