Drake Bell Mocks Justin Bieber, Tells Beliebers to Admire a “Good Person” Instead

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Justin Bieber can dish it out... but can he take it?

The singer was involved in an altercation with Orlando Bloom on Tuesday night and then poked fun at his new rival by posting a picture on Instagram of Orlando Bloom crying.

Very classy and mature, right?

In response, perpetual Bieber hater Drake Bell (who has often referred to Justin as a “piece of sh-t” and who tried to deport him to Canada) has posted his own mocking photo online.

It depicts a Great Dane and a Chihuahua and its accompanying caption reads: "@justinbieber and his bodyguard!"

Bieber Bash

As you might expect, this jab didn't sit well with Beliebers, prompting Bell to actually take down the image while asking:

“You can’t take a joke?! geez."

Bell also posed another questions to fans of Justin Bieber: "Can you kids start looking up to a good person?"

Many followers replied with photos of Bieber spending time with those in poverty and those in the hospital, clearly implying that they ARE looking up to a "good person."

It remains unclear who started the Bieber-Bloom fight, but Justin's post-confrontation antics have mostly swayed opinion over to Orlando's side.

We'll let you know when and how Bieber responds to Bell, as we ponder whether the artist will ever make new music again, considering all the time he's now spending feuding with other celebrities.

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