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Chris Brown finally realizes how deeply his actions hurt Karrueche Tran, according to sources close to the singer, after her breakdown on BET.

Following her appearance on Just Keke, Chris knows her tears “stem from what he’s done to her in the past,” and he respects what she said.

Too little, too late though?

Chris Brown in 2021

While he croons that “these hoes ain’t loyal,” Brown does feel loyal to Karrueche, and seeing her open up like that? He “felt awful seeing her cry.”

“He wished that she wouldn’t have broken down. But you know, those are her feelings, and he respects them,” a source close to Chris reveals.

Well, that’s noble of him.

Karrueche got so emotional talking about battling Rihanna for Chris during her interview with Keke that she had to take a little break to compose herself.

Brown and Karrueche broke up recently after she had stood by him during a tumultuous past year that saw him in rehab and jail for months on end.


Maybe that was actually easier for them.

While the consensus is that Chris really “loves” Karrueche and can’t imagine being without her … he’s not exactly the easiest dude to be around sometimes.

He may realize this now though. Karrueche talked on BET about the pressures of dating someone so famous, and for Chris, hearing that was jarring.

“When he watches s–t like that, it makes him look at himself and realize just how f–ked up he’s been and how the women in his life feel,” our source says.

“Moments like these give him the opportunity to see how those closest to him view him, and how he makes them feel. It’s hard for him to watch Kae like that.”

“It’s tough. He knows he hasn’t always been the best man to her, but he’s human and everyday he’s learning on how to drastically improve his behavior and relationships.”

Actions speak louder than words, CB.

Just saying.