Groomsman Kicks Bridesmaid in Head, Rips Pants in Epic Wedding Photo

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It will be difficult for any wedding photo to be more memorable than ones snapped in front of a tornado.

But Tyler Foster recently took on the challenge of one-upping these pictures... by kicking a bridesmaid in the head and tearing his pants in the crotch!

Taken at a destination wedding in Jamaica, Foster was serving as a groomsman when he decided to spice up his cousin’s wedding shoot.

So he leaped up, did a split - and clocked a good friend of the bride directly in the head.

Groomsman Kicks Bridesmaid in Head

The photo quickly went viral via Reddit, with Foster even landing a segment on Good Morning America and assuring viewers that the victim was unharmed by the accidental kick.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Certainly a lot better than bridesmaids flashing their butts in wedding photos.

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