Boyfriend Uses Post-Its for Epic, Car-Based Marriage Proposal

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As proven many years ago on Sex and the City, using a Post-It to end a relationship is even worse than any of these breakup text messages.

But using it to propose marriage?!? That turns out to be more romantic using your girlfriend's Pinterest account to plan a proposal.

Nathan Humphris recently proved as much.

The 34-year old responded to his girlfriend Modra’s frequent question of how much he loves her by sending five bouquets of flowers to Modra's office.

Each had a single word on it and they eventually spelled out “I love you this much.”

But Nathan wasn’t finished! When Modra ventured to her car after work, she was greeted by the following sight:

Post-It Proposal

Yep, those are Post-Its. And each one also says “I love you this much.”

When Modra arrived to the couple’s home in Adelaide, the front yard was filled with 500 white and red balloons.

Inside were tea candles in the shape of a heart, along with banners, cocktails, her favorite chocolates and directions to her boyfriend. When she tracked Nathan down, he was wearing a suit.

He then got down on one knee and proposed.

Modra tells The Daily Mail that she was touched by the gesture, but did ask herself a question upon seeing her car: How am I going to drive home?